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Details of Elizabeth’s books, click on the titles to read more.

Toppy Tours the Dinosaurs

The book, ‘Toppy Tours the Dinosaurs’, is the first in a new series produced by Betsy Bermuda.

In this book Toppy views portraits of his dinosaur ancestors in the museum on the Jurassic coast to discover why he is a good and kind and strong and noble and happy and ever so silly dinosaur. Continue reading

Tiny Tours Bermuda

Large, brilliantly coloured illustrations throughout, almost fluorescent in colour quality. Tells the story of Tiny, a Tree Frog, who is an a true original, going his own way, meeting strange fish, shy plants, a haunted shipwreck. In this charming, original tale.

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Do Boy Digs Bermuda

Do Boy the hot dog

Do Boy the hot dog finds a pirates map and goes on a Treasure hunt around Bermuda to find an exciting treasure. Educational and fun.

Don’t miss the next adventures of Tiny and Do Boy as they discover the world.

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Tiny and Sharkman

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Elizabeth (Betsy) Mulderig’s latest book ‘Tiny and Sharkman Superheroes’!

Her new children’s book, co-written with Debbie Jackson, aims to turn ordinary kids into superheroes through the simple act of reading.

Ms Jackson said she was particularly pleased that the book was based in Bermuda, and the main character was a Bermudian boy.

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Tiny the Tree Frog sail to Bermuda

What a character our Tiny is cruising around Bermuda seeing his friends, then sailing from America to Bermuda from boat to boat. Then he is all ready for Christmas with his buddies at the Bermuda Aquarium.

These are classic books written and illustrated beautifully. No child could be disappointed with Tiny and his tales. They are so much fun.

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