Toppy Tours the Dinosaurs

The book, ‘Toppy Tours the Dinosaurs’, is the first in a new series produced by Betsy Bermuda.

In this book Toppy views portraits of his dinosaur ancestors in the museum on the Jurassic coast to discover why he is a good and kind and strong and noble and happy and ever so silly dinosaur.

The books illustrations are bright, bold and simple. And the text, one sentence per page, is sure to engage a young child’s attention. Under the text is a wee bit of dinosaur translation silly enough to appeal to the humour of children and children at heart as well.

Toppy the touring dinosaur will tour children around Palma, Paris, Venice and London in the near future. Toppy will show a child various sights in different cities and teach them, as well, to speak a few words of that cities language.

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